Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Hi loves ☺ Valentines day is within a few weeks and since I’m always very late with those tradition videos I wanted to be a bit more early this time. I hope it will give you some inspiration! Lots of love and Hugs, An.


The gorgeous wig is from Powder Room D

⇢ The top that I’m wearing is from Oh Polly

⇢ MAC: Paint Pot Soft Ochre
⇢ Kylie Cosmetics The Burgundy Eye Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows
Orange Soda Eyeshadow
⇢ Coloured Rain: St Germain Cocktail Eyeshadow
⇢ MAC: Pro Longwear Concealer NC15
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Trust Issues Liquid lipstick
⇢ Annytude: Lashes
I used WARY in this video. Code: AN for discount

⇢ Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation
⇢ Tarte Cosmetics: Shape Tape Concealer
⇢ MAC: Mineralize powder
⇢ Jouer: Bronzing powder
⇢ Dose of Colors: Gold is the new black highlighter
⇢ MAC: Peaches Blush
⇢ Tarte Cosmetics: Boho Lippencil
⇢ MAC: Myth Lipstick
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Butterscotch Lipgloss

⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz in Medium Brown
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Medium Brown
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Chocolate

⇢ Sigma F35
⇢ Sigma E40
⇢ Sigma E21
⇢ Sigma E45
⇢ Sigma F70
⇢ Sigma E15
⇢ Sigma F23
⇢ Sigma F10

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  1. I was scrolling down looking for videos and saw this and was like "mhhh who's this?" And then I looked harder and was like OH SHIT THATS AN! You look so different and pretty with that hair ?

  2. i love your natural hair but you carry this off beautifully

  3. You're pretty with both hair colors but changes are good, go for it!

  4. This color suits u much better. but you are beautiful with any color so it doesn't matter

  5. That hair colour looks gorgeous on you!

  6. please tell which wig that is from powererddroom please? I found a similar one on their site but doesn't look the same

  7. I love the wig and color on you! Great video as always!

  8. wao that's amazing, I really enjoy watching your videos.

  9. you look so beautiful with this blond hair!!! ❤❤❤

  10. nice you can use lipstick for an eyeliner?  A tip: Just dye your hair that color

  11. Loved the color of the wig on you!! And loved this look too! I had this quizzical "what is she thinking?!?" With the liquid lipstick for eyeliner but it turned out awesome!!

  12. love it????????????????????????????

  13. the wig color is gorgeous on should do more looks with wigs i love this look so much??

  14. In my opinion you look much better with black hair this color is so played out but it doesn't look bad on you just black looks better.

  15. It's so nice to see your whole face. I love your videos!

  16. Very nice make up as always this color is very nice but do u like curls or just more body to your dark or light wig
    U seem to where it to straight for your perfect beautiful features
    Just a bit body in top soft wave on sides
    Just an observation on my part only maybe a side part and bring the hair to one side
    Or a bun on top the head side braid
    Just saying

  17. You look absolutely beautiful !!

  18. i love your work❤❤❤❤

  19. That is a beautiful look. I do like that hair color on you, but I also like your black hair =)

  20. love it as usual…you are so talented? such an amazing artist?

  21. You have a beautiful face and I think all hair colors suit you ??????

  22. you look great with both hair colors! i think with your black hair you look super cute and ready for a night out and with this color you look a lot softer 🙂 love the makeup too!

  23. This is such a beautiful look I love it!!!

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