Warm Matte Cat Eye Tutorial!

Hi loves! This video is sort of the most requested video I got so hopefully you like it and it’s helpful
X If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO


  1. Hi. can you show all your brush that you using and tell which one for what. thank you

  2. One of my favorite looks, really beautiful ????

  3. Each video you have its like a masterpiece of art! ?

  4. Are you a professional MUA because you create The most amazing eye looks! You are so amazing! I’m definitely going to try to re-create some of your looks…fingers crossed ?

  5. I want to see more videos with this pallets !!!! Please

  6. The modern renaissance palette is awesome! What a great way to use the shades 🙂

  7. Your so beautiful! I just love how you do your smokey eyeshadows! Straight Gorgeous!!!#?

  8. plz upload fullface tutorial also…ur just amazing

  9. no matter how many times i try to do the same but i can never get that finishing… u r just fabbbbb….amazing love ur tutorials.can u use less shades and make the tutorial as i cant folllow so many shades…thanx love u

  10. Beautiful love it ?❤️

  11. what's that white thing you use to do the cat eye? 🙂

  12. Omgosh, i love your videos!!! Thank you

  13. I really loved that eye look. Definitely will try it!

  14. Hey An, there's is a Mexican brand called Bissü they have eye pencils that are really good for the water line and they're super affordable the name of the pencils is Tintaline, I haven't use them personally, but I've heard they don't smudge and they're long lasting you can look them up on the internet I think they ship out of the country.

  15. I am in love with this look!!!! So beautiful!! I have a question: how to you manage to put the sticky pads (or tape) evenly on both eyes? Every time I use tape I can never match the angle in both eyes. Always one eye's angle is higher or lower than the other 🙁

  16. Love this look! And I love the term 'catwing'… that's what I'm calling it from now on.???

  17. Your blending is out of this world! Beautiful!

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