WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (For Fat Loss & Building Muscle!!)

The most common question I get is what I eat in a day to lose weight and build muscle. Today I’ll show you my high protein meals that I eat in a single day so you can get healthy meal ideas and see a full day of eating for fat loss. I will show you what I eat in a day for summer and how this serves as a muscle building meal plan and a fat loss meal plan.

So to start out I’ll show you what I ate today for breakfast. It’s comprised of a 4 egg omelet and some fruit. Omelets are one of the best healthy meal ideas because they are high protein nutrition and they are a great way to start your day. A must for your fat loss meal plan is fruit because it helps curb those sweets cravings without being full of sugar, fats and calories.

Next up on my new diet is lunch. It’s important to me to make what I eat in a day healthy, so for veggies I choose asparagus or broccoli. Often in a full day of eating for fat loss, I choose homemade turkey chili because it’s easy to make and so healthy. This is another one of my favorite healthy meal ideas because it is high in protein and will keep you full while being low in calories.
Finally when it comes to everything I eat in a day, dinner is where high protein meals are so important. I usually eat chicken breast, and I often choose a frozen chicken breast because it’s easy. I’ll include a glass of milk for some extra protein.

For what I eat in a day in 2018, I also make sure to include post-workout snacks and before bed snacks to keep my metabolism running high. For a high protein post workout snack I like to drink an ATHLEAN RX4 Women protein shake https://athleanx.com/athleanrx/for-women

As a before bed snack in my muscle building meal plan I typically choose jerky, some Greek yogurt or some nuts with fruit to get a little additional protein in at the end of the day.
Here are the high protein meals that make up everything I eat in a day:

Omelet w/4 eggs, spinach, cheese, ½ avocado
30g protein

Asparagus or broccoli
Turkey chili
Glass of milk
30g of protein

Post Workout:
RX4 Shake
20 g protein

Brown rice
Frozen chicken breast
Salad w/whatever veggies and fruits are in the frige
30g protein

Before Bed Snack:
Jerky or Greek yogurt or Nuts
10+g protein


  1. Looking forward to the response on what happened to going plant based?

  2. If you all want to be super healthy and gain muscle and lose fat and live longer, try eating paleo. It’s probably more expensive and you have to meal prep a lot more, but it makes you feel so good!

  3. How much protein is in your shake?

  4. huh? Didn't you just tell us recently you were going plant based .??!!

  5. I'm also disappointed. I was looking for some vegan ideas. These food is a big no no for me. ?

  6. I thought you had gone plant based? confused.

  7. What happened with the vegan thing? This is so the opposite. Also, that is more protein than you need. Protein makes you gain weight like any other macronutrient if consumed too much. I just think it's unnessecary worrying counting protein and having it all the time. If that's what youve heard then you probably get facts from the wrong sources. Whole carbs are great, beans, fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you eat enough you get enough. For example I eat so much more porridge than you had every morning, with banana, regular unsweetened soy milk, cocoa and chia seeds, plus some berries on top. As a vegan you have to eat big portions or you'll loose it. Its the biggest mistake in fact. Vegans should eat bigger portions! (But you surely can feel full afterwards, don't worry)
    If you want more reasons to go plant based please read "how not to die" by Dr Michael Greger. It is just pure studies with no hidden sponsors.

  8. Yeah, I was also wondering what happened to the plant-based diet? No judgment here, just want to know if there was a special reason why you stopped?

  9. shoudn't we try to ban cow milk .. and replace by sheep's milk or goat milk or vegetable milk !! isnt' it better to eat fruit away from meal ( 1h before or 3 to 4 hours after ) …

  10. I was really looking forward to some vegan ideas

  11. Weren't you following a plant based diet last "what I eat in a day"?

  12. Informative. one question? Why do some gym instructors say, you must eat at least every two hours? I can't do that because of how I work.

  13. New to this channel:) Really helpful and interesting. Also, am I the only one who thinks she sounds like Ellen? ☺️?

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