What Lets You See Your Real Self: Pictures or Mirrors?

Sometimes we look better in the mirror, other times we like ourselves more in pictures. Let’s try to figure out the secret
You might not realize it, but there is a psychological aspect that plays an important role in how you perceive your appearance, whether it’s in a photo or the mirror. We mostly look in the mirror at home when we feel our most relaxed. As for photographs, we usually end up in the frame while we’re on foreign turf, meaning that we can look more tense and unprepared. Another important aspect is the angle. You see, nobody’s face is purely symmetrical. Just try to find your perfect angles and work them every time your picture is being taken.
White balance also influences our appearance in pictures. Every type of lighting has its own temperature, but when we look in the mirror, we don’t register this temperature diversity at all because of the way our brain works. The camera, unlike the brain, makes us see our features in objective lighting.
Pretty much every time we look in the mirror we focus on one thing and don’t analyze how our lips, nose, eyebrows, or shoulders work together to form our appearance. When we look at a photograph, we perceive everything at once and notice things that previously seemed insignificant. In a reflection, we always see an inverted version of ourselves, and that ultimately shapes our perception of what we look like.
Even if you’re not the most photogenic person in the frame, don’t worry! Take some time to get to know yourself and your appearance, and you’ll always look your best in every shot.

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The psychological aspect 0:30
The angle 1:34
White balance 2:40
Focusing on certain aspects of your appearance 3:33
Mirroring 4:26
Conclusion 4:50

-We tend to look in the mirror the most when we’re at home, in an environment where we feel our freest and most relaxed. As for photographs, we all try to look good and want to get a perfect picture to share on social media.
-Every morning, as you look in the mirror, you stand in the same spot, observing ourselves from a familiar perspective. When it comes to photographs, you don’t always get a warning about how, when, and from which direction the picture will be taken.
-Your brain automatically evens out all the subtle differences and shows you the complexion you’re used to seeing. The camera, unlike the brain, doesn’t try and help us out here. It makes us see our features in objective lighting.
-Pretty much every time you look in the mirror, you usually focus on some particular part of your reflection and don’t see the overall picture. When you look at a photograph, you perceive everything at once and notice things that previously seemed insignificant.
-In a reflection, you always see an inverted version of yourself, and that ultimately shapes your perception of what you look like. Pictures, on the other hand, portray us the way we’re seen by others.
-Only photographs can give us a more accurate image of ourselves. Don’t be afraid to take more pictures to see what angle or pose is the best for you and which of your features you should highlight.


  1. I look bad in both mirror and camera bc of acne ??

  2. I look good in the mirror and like a hideous monster on camera

  3. I just wanna look good in the camera and the mirror ?? why not both???

  4. this is why i sincerely can’t stand getting my picture taken. it gives me anxiety bc i know i’m gonna look horrible. ugh it’s so frustrating

  5. Poor my friends and my family…
    Edit:and my selfie camera

  6. My face just looks longer in pictures and I feel like my eyes look bigger…I think I just have big eyes tho? ugh why can’t I be Zendeya or something

  7. Thats actually not correct because on fotographs there is more lightning and your skin is gonna look brighter and the redness is increased but if you look in the mirror with NATURAL light you know what you look like

  8. ????? oh nooo first it was the voice recording and now this !!! Why don’t we ever know our real self?!!!


  10. Every time I take a selfie my nose gets 10x wider like a highway

  11. if it’s not the mirror then i’m done

  12. I took a selfie video and I asked my friends is this how I look like in real life, everytime you see me at school? And they all said either sometimes or no. And I’m like ok what do you mean by sometimes? And then I sent another vid of someone recording me and they all said I look like that in real life.

  13. Its 3:00 a.m why dont i just go to sleep and dont see this videos

  14. ….ok ok
    On the video's image of how a person looks his or herself on the mirror…
    Did you put a photo of the mirror or something?._. I mean… there are both photos right? :v I am just saying

  15. Kim taehyung face is perfect and straight and an angel like omfg… ??? don't believe me search it up yourself

  16. The answer is photos because you only look at your face in the mirror

  17. But like why do we see other people look same in real and in photo then we look at ourself looking like a piece of sh in photo and good in mirrors

  18. pauses and opens phone gallery

  19. I just realized I have never seen my face directly. I mean, I have seen myself in the mirror but never directly. I think I am going crazy now thinking about this.

  20. This is why mirror selfies exist

  21. When I took a picture I look all wrong, like asymmetrical toooo much, in the mirror its asymmetrical but OK, but God when I took a picture I really didn't know that I'm REEALLY asymmetrical. Ugh

  22. Mirrors are actually more accurate as the reflect a more 3 dimensional image of yourself where as photos flatten to 2 dimensional. It's not the mirror that lies it's the brain. The more imperfections you notice of your face, the more accurate the mirror will become.

  23. I look the same in both. But the thing that I look TERRIBLE in is those self checkout cameras and they make my face look like I have 7 different skin tones and wrinkles under my eyes and terrible skin

  24. I noticed this when my hair part was on different sides depending on whether I was looking in the mirror or at the photo.

  25. same here dream ? to be #model by seeing myself into #mirror
    then booomb my pictures beg me to not think about that dream ???

  26. So ,mirror is better than camera

  27. In the mirror I look pretty white and have no pimples but in my pictures I look black and so much pimples

  28. When I look in a mirror I’m like girlllll but when I look in the camera I’m like girllll fix your face

  29. The kid is a phone addict even in the photo

  30. So mirrors are how other people see me?

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