Winter Scalp is the WORST – How to Fix It!!

Winter scalp is the actual worst!! Here’s how to fix a scalp that is dry, itchy, and / or flakey!! Hope you enjoy these habits for a healthy winter hair routine ?

—⟣Products I Mentioned:⟢—

Scalp Brushes:
(The one I mentioned in the video died shortly after, so I don’t recommend it. Here are some others!)

Scalp Scrubs
-Briogeo Micro Exfoliating Charcoal Shampoo: Here
-IGK Walnut Scalp Scrub Here
-L’Oreal Micro Exfoliating Scrub Here

Moisturizing Shampoos:
-Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Here
-Naturelab Perfect Repair Shampoo (Shown in video) Here
-Herbal Essences Manuka Honey Shampoo Here

Scalp Leave in Oils
-Briogeo Scalp Revival Here
-Shea Moisture Here


  1. I love teacher Kayley! I would love more videos like this 🙂

  2. i use a roller ball of tea tree! i just roll it all over and let it sit overnight then rinse it off the next morning

  3. i use a roller ball of tea tree! i just roll it all over and let it sit overnight then rinse it off the next morning

  4. This video is so helpful and funny ? thank you for all of the tips?

  5. This is actually one of the best videos to answer all my issues!!! thank you so MUCH

  6. Wrong. Dandruff is called Pityrasis and is classified in two ways. Pityrasis Simplex, which is dry and Pityrasis steatoides which is the waxy, etc dandruff. Malessezia is the fungus that causes dandruff and everyone has it, but dandruff is the overgrowth of the fungus.

  7. Hi! Anyone knows if she is still married? I noticed that she doesn’t wear any rings…it made me a little sad, if they’re not together anymore, cause I saw them from the proposal video, but if this is true and make them happier, I’m too ??

  8. I shed my whole ass scalp when spring arrives

  9. Great topic and very well addressed! My scalp has been driving me up the wall lately and I didn't know what to do. I looked on google and tried the baking soda past thing yesterday. Baking soda, water and olive oil (just a titch) and put it on my scalp and let it sit for half an hour or so and then washed. Relief! Mind you 24 hours later it's itchy again but not as bad. Next time I do it I will skip the olive oil because my thin, fine hair became even limper than usual. Great distinction between "real" dandruff and dry scalp. I'd been using Nizoral (and do like it!) but I realise I don't actually have dandruff. Anyway…….thanks! XO

  10. Hi Kayley. I was going to get curlformers but I wanted to know if there was some other no heat curlers that would be better. I don't like to use heat on my hair. Love your videos. Thanks!

  11. Kayley, you NEED to do a tutorial on the hairstyle of Nagini in Fantastic Beasts 2! I love it so much & you could totally nail that one ?❤️

  12. Just what we all needed! ?? Preach!
    Can you make a video about protective hairstyles? For winter and in general???

  13. Cute pigtails for the holiday season? Love your content by the way xx

  14. Hey Kayley!!!? Could you do some more hunger games hairstyles ( clove, glimmer, foxface ect…..) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!????

  15. My hair is dark,but it gets greasy,itchy,and dry when I don’t take the time to wash it,but I only go without washing it 2 whole days throughout the entire week.Because my schedule is always busy and it’s always a get up and go go kind of day for me.By the time it’s night time I am usually dragging to stay awake,but I wind up dosing off into a deep sleep and I wake up and pretend like nothing happened .Then I carry on with my night catching up on things I haven’t got to do.Because of always being busy.I mean life was easier being a little kid then it is for me now being older.Because I got responsibilities and stuff I have to do as part of my daily lifestyle.

  16. Klorane SOS peony serum is good. It’s literally like water and you wonder how the hell it is going to moisturize and stop the itching but it truly does. It doesn’t mess the hair up either. Another tip that might be controversial ?is conditioner on your scalp. Good natural ingredients with no silicones added conditioner. It works wonders. I haven’t experienced any negative effects. If you have dry hair and scalp that is. Thank you.

  17. I don’t think I have winter scalp, my hair gets oily, I don’t wash my hair often 2-3 times a week. But lately I being a little stress and have noticed a crazy amount of hair falling and getting thinner.

  18. THANK YOU. I was starting to think I had Lise

  19. My scalp turns into a freaking snow mountain during winter..and I don't even live in snowy areas!!!!

  20. At the beginning of the video when you asked for suggestions the baking soda popped into my head immediately! I used it a lot when I was younger and it's a miracle worker!

  21. L’Oréal makes a good one for anyone looking for a drugstore option too. It comes in a white tub with a blue lid from their Ever Pure line I believe.

  22. Do Ronda Rousey's WWE braids!!!

  23. …I'm painting my nails while watching this and now my scalp itches. Darn you! (I still love you though and this is a very important issue that I'm so glad you're addressing)

  24. So the baking soda DIY… I love the idea of treating your scalp like your face, since they can both be fairly sensitive. Baking soda has an extremely high pH (around 9), and our facial skin has a pH around 5.5. It's recommended never to put baking soda on your face as it could disrupt your skin's natural pH and compromise your moisture barrier. My questions are 1) do you know what the pH of the scalp is, and does baking soda have the potential to compromise the scalp moisture barrier? And 2) how do you prevent baking soda from touching your forehead if you're washing your scalp with it?

  25. Please be careful when using baking soda though!! It can react with some shampoos and then strip dyed hair. If you dye your hair maybe don’t do this, or mix it with coconut oil or something that doesn’t contain any actual soap i.e. sulfate free shampoos (look up soap cap method, it’s great if you actually want to remove hair color and don’t mind damaging your hair, sometimes used with vigilance C instead of baking soda).

  26. Please come back to make celebrities hairstyles on red carpet.

  27. Will mehndi (henna) work for itchy flaky dandruff scalp?

  28. Oooh, 😀 finally you have this video. That's really my problem. I scratch with my nails and my hairs fall with begginings T.T Thank you!

  29. Im so glad u talked about the shampoo scrubby brush thing cuz I was sooo pumped when I saw an ad for it on insta, looks so satisfying

  30. Can you please make a video on how to stop hair from falling and breakage. Pleaseeee??

  31. my scalp has been super itchy so i just bought itchy scalp from head and shoulders and wow finally relief at fraction of the cost. also tea tree oil added to shampoo

  32. Wurly and curly girls often wash their scalp with conditioner (me too). Although there is one very important rule. Try to use for the scalp a conditioner without silicone (dimethicone). It builds on your scalp and can make itching and dryness worst ? Kayley nice film? I bet a lot of girls have this issue. I understood it quite recently , exfoliation is my friend now ? Love! ❤

  33. Hey Kayley, I really want to learn to french braid and would hope if you made a tutorial of it one day! ^-^
    Anyways, thanks for the helpful video you made. I'm going to try this out.

  34. I actually really appreciate you providing information on the difference between dandruff and dry scalp

  35. Thanks Kayley ♥ Love your videos. Can you please do more videos about your favorites ♥

  36. Could you do a make-up tutorial on this look? Your eyeshadow is stunning!

  37. I like using aloe /aloe gel in my hair if it’s been itchy, ( I use the baking soda / shampoo scrub once or twice a month and that does help.) but I find if I massage some aloe gel in to my wet scalp, and through my hair it helps with that dry feeling as well, soothes and it seems to help my pro long the moisture of my roots/ scalp ( using pure aloe gel I’ve found is best. ) love all your tips.

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