Wonder Woman Hairstyles: Hair Tutorial

Halloween is finally here and this is my Wonder Woman Hairstyles: Hair Tutorial showcasing all of the best Wonder Woman hairstyles and braids from the movie! I love a good Halloween Costume hairstyle and these are all new faves!!

I fully think this would be an *amazing* girl squad costume, but any of these are great on their own as well. I hope you guys enjoy this hair tutorial, and let me know what you want to see next!

—⟣What I’m Wearing:⟢—
-Wonder Woman’s Costumes: Delphina123 on Etsy.com
-Diana & Hippolyta’s Headpieces: Mud and Majesty on Etsy.com
-Antiope Headpiece: Rawr Bomb on Etsy.com

Hippolyta’s Outfit:
I started with a hobbit cape from amazon, tucked in the hood, and cut open the seams at the shoulder so I could put my arms through. I added a faux fur stole, and that’s the cape! The skirt is from forever21 and the top is a steampunk top from amazon as well.

Antiope Outfit:
I searched for “Leather Armor” and I wasn’t disappointed. This one was on loan and I think has sold now, but you can search around if you *really* want to commit!


  1. Kayley you are so cool! I love you so much!

  2. You look amazing with dark hair!

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! I also loved Wonder Woman, and when I saw it I thought “Kayley’s definitely going to make a video on this” :p

  4. Fantastic! I had to watch since I just did my own version of Wonder Woman on my channel. Twists would also be a nice choice, particularly for her twin Nubia. I rocked it and it worked out pretty well. Thanks for the litty content!

  5. Your video quality is utterly spotless! You go girl!!

  6. Where do you get your wigs? They're so realistic!:)

  7. I think it was world war 2, but oh well. This was an amazing video and she looks so pretty with both haircolors! How does she cosplay dis lol

  8. Where can you get this long brunette wig?

  9. OMG! Your're the best, and those costume's… <3  It took a lot of work

  10. Did she dye her hair or was that a wig??

  11. I know this video is about the hair, but your nails look beautiful as well! I’d love to know what’s on them!

  12. Urrrrm I love the dark hair on you!! ?

  13. Really you look just like diana from wonder woman

  14. I don't understand why your videos aren't going viral, they so deserve it

  15. AWESOME!!! Great job Kayley! Brunette really suits you :0) and LOVE the costumes! IT'S always a joy watching your vids! Can't wait to try these out 🙂

  16. Pleaseee do a Lagertha’s from vikings braid tutorial

  17. Omg you look just like Robin Wright!!!

  18. In the Antiope hairstyle you made me think of Sara Lance ?

  19. Anyone else notice all the failed Wonder Woman facts like pronouncing antiopes name wrong and antipoe being the general not that other girl

  20. I wouldn't be surprised if Kayley Melissa ended up doing hair for movies. Every video she uploads with hair based on characters from tv or movies are well made. She really outdoes herself ❤️

  21. Omgggg I’ve been wanting this thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Found u thru Safiya's channel, these are all so cool!

  23. Dark hair looks good on you girl..

  24. This was so beyond amazing, Kayley! <3 <3

  25. WHERE did you get the wig you used?!

  26. kayley! can u plz do some black hair hairstyles… i have black hair and nothing just show up. So, plz do some!!!

  27. Love the dark hair on you ! ! Looks beautiful !

  28. haha "ready to conqueror WWI" @KayleyMelissa it's actually WWII

  29. you did a fantastic job with these costumse and braids <3 Actually, i would love to wear these hairstyle on a regular day and not just for Halloween 😀

  30. your hair is so thick and beautiful!

  31. Can you do a video on Eretria’s hair from the Shannara Chronicles, from the new season? Her half braided hair with the woven in thread/rope or whatever is so pretty.

  32. Holy shit, you look so amazing in this video!

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